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Anyone interested in trading any of the following for factory 6.5 prc eldm 147. I’ve got 2 lbs of Varget and 160 pieces of once fired Hornady brass 6.5 prc.
Good evening, I am brand new to the sight. After taking a Level One course from Rob Furlong I realized with horror that what I did know about ELR was next to nothing, and that little bit was wrong. So I am learning from the beginning, along with reloading. I had to learn how to reload as I bought a .338 Snipe Tac, (Rocky Mtn Rifle from Corlanes) 30" Bartlien, so the curve has been steep.
Looking for a Terminator T3 for a new Christensen Arms 300 Win. Is this something you sell?
Looking for a couple of Terminator brakes for 338 LM, a TA and a TF. The self timing brakes. One for 3/4-24 the other 5/8-24. Broz said to message you directly.
BCLrh, I was able to get my hands on some N570 (8lbs). I saw your load data for 180s and 28 Nosler but you mentioned other data. I'm having trouble finding it. Can you provide some possible sources?
I don't have that data anymore. I couldn't get the Hornady 180eldm's to shoot so I ended up using berger 175 elite hunters.
Just from memory I think I was running them at 82.2 grains and 10 thou jump. You would have to work up to that. It was at max pressure in my rifle.
Hi there,

I was thinking bout building a 7 Saum with specs similar to what you have with your ridgeline titanium. For the price though, I got a hard time passing up your 6.5. I was hoping you might be able to answer some questions however before I pull the trigger....

I saw what you wrote about mag length. At max COAL, how far is that 156 from the lands?


My load for the 6.5 PRC with the 156 gr Berger EOL is currently 0.045" OL.
Great info by the way and shooting. What powder was the last pic the load you are talking about RL26 or did you go with N565 that's darn near 1 hole.
Hi all, thought i would join up with you. been shooting long-range now about 5 years , shooting the 7x300 , 300 win. also the 7mm mag. hope to get in on some of the discussions . just retiring from the pipe fitters local 26. So going to have more time to shoot. located in northwest washington . shoot at the Custer gun club.
Can you detail me the specs on your RUM-McMillan build... I’m wanting to pretty much copy the build but with a defiance rebel, can detail what proof barrel that is along with the McMillan stock type, paint style etc.
saw your post about getting an ATACR 7-35. i have one in perfect condition, SFP, used very little i would sell to you. 2750 shipped insured to your door.
Crap,didn't see this 'til right now Dave,could've saved myself $350.The one I ordered from Red Hawk Rifles($3100)is on it's way and will be delivered tomorrow.

Thanks bro,
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson
Not a problem, i think i'm gonna use it anyway. you'll be very happy with it, certainly the best scope i've ever used!
Hi there, I’m a shooting enthusiast from the far left coast... CA. I like shooting far and really enjoy rimfire. If you have any suggestions for me feel free to pm me.
New to the group folks from VA. look forward to contributing and picking your brains and shooting the breeze.

Curious,have you ever noticed by changing brakes if your velocity changes as your point of impact may?Thanks John
Not sure if I contacted you before or not, but if you are interested I have 338 snipetac brass coming in 1 month.
My .260 Ackley used 4350 and I am unlikely to try anything else because of 1) temperature intensity and 2) My load produced a 3 shot group of .268 INCLUDING THE BULLET! I am about repeatability and it trumps speed all day long. My barrel life should be pretty good as at 2950 my 140's are just cruising. I thought I would see 3025 or so but you don't see too many .004 OVER groups!
I too have a .260 AI, and with your 30" barrel, honestly I would use a slower powder, it will get you better performance. I got the 140 VLD's up to 3170 in my 30" .260 AI with Reloder most accurate node was at 3090 though, so this is my load

Lapua .260 brass, formed
140 VLD-H seated .005" off (2.900" OAL )
49.1 grains Reloder 26
3090 FPS

I worked up to 51 grains, which on a 65 degree day was 3170 and giving ejector marks but no heavy bolt lift. That load was pretty hot, obviously. If you try it, start lower and work up, and keep in mind you will NEED a drop tube to fit all this powder without heavy compression. 49.1 grains, with a 6" drop tube, is right at 100%

My previous load was 47.8 grains H-4831sc, and it sent the 140's at 2930. I got up to 3020 with 49 grains, but the best accuracy was at 2930.
I the pictures weren't coming through for me. Could you text them to 406-690-9329? I know you said it's new just wanted to see pics.

I tried the federal 215 match and didn't have good results. I then took out loads with cci 250 and cci 200 primers. The 250s were giving me double digit SD. The 200 gave me single digit SD. They are a non magnum primer and they great in the win mag. Had them out to 1200 and vertical was 3-4 inches. I hope this helps you. David
I have whole bunch here, 3 bucks each for min 50 cases shipping incl.

10 cases $40 ship incl, 20 cases $70 shp incl..

30 cases $100 ship included

email me--

Hello DocUSMCRetired, I'm a medically retired Marine myself that love to shoot and the longer the better. When was you in the Corp?
My school is on hold for 2017. I have become too busy with the site, store and other things to do a good job right now. I will re evaluate for next spring and see how it goes then.

Hello Jayson
My name is Anders and I'm from Sweden
I wonder if you can share the drawings for the 378 Zayne ? I have start to build anew rifle based of Mark V 460wby action and a new Krieger 17# countur 32" 375 barrel and 1-10 twist I plan to shoot 350 grain SMK and 330 grain le high bullets and in the beginning I planed to built 378 Wby then I saw the 378 ackley magnum and now i have seen your 378 Zayne and I'm very interested to build on your wildcat

Best regards
Hello Dustin, my name is Marc and Broz said you are a fellow Arkansan. I would like to talk to you about your .375 Cheytac IMP. If you don't mind I would like to have your number, thanks.
Call their number and talk with Cade Penny, he will probably answer the phone. Tell him I sent you. I have the same barrel on order now. But it is special order and they need to wait for enough orders to do a run. I can't tell you the lead time, but Cade should be able to get you close.

No problem. Hope the hunting is going well. I think I'll have him do after hunting season. Thanks for the info.
Sorry I didn't see this sooner, been out hunting. I really don't remember exactly what Shawn charged me but it is worth every cent. Shipping is really easy, just pull the stock and bolt, wrap the barrel and action in a pool noodle / cardboard and take it to the post office. I think it was about $12 each way. I'd suggest just calling Shawn direct. He is a super good guy, really great to work with. I have had a few friends send theirs in and all have been equally pleased. Good luck, hope this helps.
I want to put a DE brake on my rifle, will happen after elk season. About how much did you pay to have them install it? I may just drive up cause it's not terribly far and we have some friends in the area.
Hello Michael, unfortunately I am not familiar with that area, I am much farther north. good luck on your search! I suggest calling the local game warden, I have found that to be very helpful when looking for public areas to hunt.
Howdy ,my name is Michael E. Bell, seeing how you are from Idaho I was wandering if you would be willing to shed some light on the Idaho general deer season. I am not looking for somebody's honey hole. I am looking at GMU 27 near Chalis. My questions are centered around crowded hunting and just killing legal deer or possibly a bear in early October. If you are interested in sharing some info just Message me on the forum.
Thanks Mike
I bought my 66mm at eagle optics, they do have a sales program where they will sell it for you, they do charge some, but then if you are buying new optics they credit you. If you are not looking to get something else optic wise no help.

Just thought i might let you know. That is what i will do when i finally can afford to upgrade to the 88mm straight
What do you think of the norma mag? Really looking at one in the next year or so. You shot yours much yet

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