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just saw your add. I haven't been on Long range only in a while. Anyway I have an almost fresh box of 7mm 175 ELD-X
bullets. There are 89 in the box. Let me know if your still in need. I maybe could use some Berger 175 Elite hunters.
Thanks, Mike
I’m good trading for the elite
Hunters. My address is:
Jay Spry
10 Kingston Dr
Aurora, OH 44202

Let me know if you are good with it, and I’ll get them on the way for ya.
OK, I'll send them out first part of the week and send you tracking #.
here is my info:

Mike Gagliardi
34 Black Mesa Rd.
Raton, NM 87740
Thank you for taking the time to send me the info. I was trying for a .45 but in this market, I got impatient and went with the first muzzleloader I could buy (after waiting about 4 months....) But another one down the line might just be in order.

Take care
Hey Joel,
Ordered a Kratos X for my next build on 3/10. I understand you're probably flooded with orders.
Just wondering what I should expect for a lead time.

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