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I know you’ve done a review on the Allterra stock in the past, but do you have any experience with the Allterra action? If so, wondering what your thoughts are on it?
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Hey Dan (assuming since its in your handle!)
Just out of curiosity when you used the AW2 reamer on your CA Mesa did it allow you to load to higher velocity? My Mesa shows pressure very early is extremely accurate .22 CTC w/156 EOL but very slow 2800 fps 54 grains of N565 very slight to no ejector marks on new Lapua brass. Just curious more than anything else.

Darrin Abby
Desert Dan
Desert Dan
Hello. To answer your question, it would have. I wasn’t seeing “hard” pressure signs but I also wasn’t pushing the load. I settled in on what commonly seems to be the second highest node which averaged out to about 2930 fps but if I had pushed to the max I’m sure I would have ran into hard pressure. Hope that helps.

Thanks it does. As a new reloader the ejector marks on the handholds are a little unsettling!

Desert Dan
Desert Dan
Yep I understand that. If your chamber is SAAMI spec the reamer will help.

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