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Good evening, I am brand new to the sight. After taking a Level One course from Rob Furlong I realized with horror that what I did know about ELR was next to nothing, and that little bit was wrong. So I am learning from the beginning, along with reloading. I had to learn how to reload as I bought a .338 Snipe Tac, (Rocky Mtn Rifle from Corlanes) 30" Bartlien, so the curve has been steep.
Looking for a Terminator T3 for a new Christensen Arms 300 Win. Is this something you sell?
Looking for a couple of Terminator brakes for 338 LM, a TA and a TF. The self timing brakes. One for 3/4-24 the other 5/8-24. Broz said to message you directly.

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