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HI Ladd, I was thinking of pulling the barrel on my 6.5 PRC Ridgeline to use the reamer also but don't have an action wrench. Which wrench did you use? I called Christensen and they told me the recoil lug is not pinned so I'm worried about that not lining up.
I bought a Defiance action wrench for a Remington 700. It works great. Mark the recoil lug on the action and barrel then line them up when you put them back together. Jeff is right though, you can leave the action on.
HI Dan, forgive me but I don't know if this is a PM or not. You are the first person I have PMd on this site and I don't see a button for message. As I mentioned in AZHTR's thread, if I could also use your reamer while it's in the valley that would be awesome. Call or text when you have some time to discuss.
I know you moved from AZ, but I’m still following your PRC issue👌 Thanks for staying on this issue. I’m helping a friend with a Christensen Arms 6.5PRC with these chambering issues.
Sorry for the multiple posting, there is a character limit😩
Hi Dan, I was going to message you about renting your reamer and see that Rob has already done so. I live about 30 minutes from him in Mesa and would like to use your reamer as well while it's in the area. If that is OK with you, give me a call to discuss details.
Steve Burton: 443-253-4063
Desert Dan
Desert Dan
I have a custom wildcat barrel going to rechamper in a 300 RUM was wondering where I might find a Mark v action

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