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Concerning the Hawkins Hunter, does this item come in short and long bottom meta? i have a McMillan stock that is inletted for the m5 Hawkins Oberndorf long action would the hunter bottom fit and cycle smoother than the Oberndorf style. my main issue is cycling a long cartridge without it binding And the issue of the Wyatt box.
Just joined here and might be a little behind the curve, but have to ask.....with a name of "Crash" and a remove before flight tag on your press, are you a aviator?
Welcome to the site and good to have another CA member on here.What part of the state are you from,north or south(I'm down south between Corona and Elsinore just off of the 15)?Always looking for a new shooting buddy,seem to be few and far between out here. (y)
Hey bud
That 338 Excalibur looks awesome. I’m in Australia also and just wanted to ask who put it together for you . And we’re you happy with there work .
Where abouts did you fine dies . I looked at the same case last year but couldn’t find anyone with a remer and getting dies was tricky .
Hi mate

I am really liking the Excalibur so far. For seating dies I use Wilson in line seaters with an arbor press. I had my gun smith modify a Wilson 338 Lapua die. I bought 100 Bertrum cases and will get a FL sizing die made off those by Whiddon. But with 100 fresh cases, it will take me a little while before I need to resize.

Where are you located? I am in Melbourne.
Tall Timber
Hey bud. That’s a cool way of doing the dies .
Yeah I’m I. Melbourne too near Chadston shopping center . Where abouts are you .
Which smith put it together for you .
Mate, shoot me an email: rifletuner @ gmail.com (y)

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