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What colors do you have on the LRH stocks and how much? They don't have the aluminum chassis in it do they?

I have swamp camo. They come w the arca rail, pic rail for bipod, and 3 flush cups. $1000 shipped. No chassis.
I found your thread in the wildcat section about the 22CM, how are you liking it now? still think it was a good move?
I love the 22 CM but am actually driving down to Utah to sell it in the morning. I am condensing the amount of rifles I’ll keep and am running 6 rifles with 3-4 barrels each and will have a 22 cm barrel
Spun up shortly for my short action lightweight hunting rifle. I don’t run it too hot… 75 gr eld 75 gr at 3,360 as that was best accuracy and plenty fast enough to hit and drop anything I’ll ever shoot w a 22.
Does anyone have a Defiance Tenacity long action available?
New or used.. I would like Nitride but not a necessity
I have a pile of anti and anti x coming in April/May with nitride. No long action tenacity's though.
7mm on the 300 winchester.how are you forming your brass to 7mm from the 300

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