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Hi all, thought i would join up with you. been shooting long-range now about 5 years , shooting the 7x300 , 300 win. also the 7mm mag. hope to get in on some of the discussions . just retiring from the pipe fitters local 26. So going to have more time to shoot. located in northwest washington . shoot at the Custer gun club.
Can you detail me the specs on your RUM-McMillan build... I’m wanting to pretty much copy the build but with a defiance rebel, can detail what proof barrel that is along with the McMillan stock type, paint style etc.
saw your post about getting an ATACR 7-35. i have one in perfect condition, SFP, used very little i would sell to you. 2750 shipped insured to your door.
Crap,didn't see this 'til right now Dave,could've saved myself $350.The one I ordered from Red Hawk Rifles($3100)is on it's way and will be delivered tomorrow.

Thanks bro,
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson
Not a problem, i think i'm gonna use it anyway. you'll be very happy with it, certainly the best scope i've ever used!

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