Washingtonians! Please support I-1621! See www.carry1621.org


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Jun 20, 2013
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Washington State
Washingtonians! Please support I-1621! See www.carry1621.org

Initiative Summary:

"I-1621 strengthens gun rights by amending the Revised Code of Washington to permit those with a valid concealed pistol license to legally carry on school grounds. It also requires school employees who wish to carry to inform the senior administrator, usually the Principal, that they will be carrying a firearm. It also allows school districts to require employees to obtain firearms safety training prior to carrying."

It also does away with the dumb requirement to post "Gun Free Zone" signs.

I've got a bunch of petitions I'm trying to get signed and hand out to folks. There's a downloadable petition .pdf file at the website. You can call the print desk at a local Office Max/Depot, for instance, and then email the .pdf file (it HAS to be printed on 28 lb, 11x17" white paper, double sided) to them for printing. Very painless, but takes a few minutes of your time. Get 'em signed (petition gatherer must sign the back) and back to address printed on petition by July 1.

I was partaking in a Concealed Carry comp at Custer Sportsman's Club last Saturday and one of my fellow competitors was a local teacher who has spoken to administrators about concealed carry at school and the abject lack of knowledge of even what concealed carry is by this teacher's administrators was mind-numbing. Let's make a change!

Fellow Washingtonians, please get on board with this and let make a change for the better!


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