New .22 shoots ok


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Nov 13, 2017
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Went out the other day with my new Ruger American Rimfire Target.
I tried 10 different boxes of ammo and ended up sticking with the SK rifle match. All 3 or 5 shot groups at 50 yards went nearly into a single ragged hole about 10mm across or less. Its good value compared to some of the other makes which are four times the price and shoots really well in rifle that is considered pretty inexpensive. The trigger is definately going to be swapped out for a Timmney though. So bloody heavy even though its adjustable, the screw when wound out to lighten it, hits inside the stock making it impossible to put the action back in.
While im at it too, does anyone know the BC for the SK rifle match ammo? Wanna see how far i can push this little combo!
When i figure out to send pics on here i will post them in.


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