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Apr 16, 2013
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1: Please keep in mind this site is all about Long Range shooting and hunting. There are many other sites to talk about other types of of hunting and shooting. Lets try to keep this one about Long Range. Be it competition, Target, or Hunting.

2a: Personal conduct: Simple, Keep it friendly, respectful and professional. BS of any kind, cheap shots, name calling, or bad mouthing from behind your keyboard, or trolling will not be tolerated, AT ALL!
2b:NO, None, Zero Ethics debates!! Period. If you don't like the distance or weapon of choice used. Move on to another thread. This goes for Bows, Rifles, Slingshots, Rocks etc. If it ain't your cup of tea, fine, move on. But no debates about "Its Not Right Because I Don't Do it That Way.

3: Keep it Real: We want only good solid data and discussion. We reserve the right to remove any post at any time if we suspect false data. Especially load data. If you can't support your data, please don't post it.

Arm Chair quarterbacks, keyboard jockeys or Monday morning coaches will be hunted down and removed. We welcome all quality info and data. Bring it on.

4 a: Bullet Bashing: If you gut shoot your deer , or elk, or bear or anything and it runs off with your bullet, too bad. Go find a tree to cry to. I mean really, haven't we all heard enough of this stuff. If you start a thread bashing any bullet or make a negative remark in someone else's thread, it will be deleted and you will be warned or banned. These threads often only generate heated discussion. Take it elsewhere. However, if you have photo's , real data of terminal performance, and want to share it, fine. Feel free to do so. Just present it in a professional manner so others can decide if they like it or not and make an educated decision on if that bullet is right for them and their type of hunting.

4 b: We are not a bashing board for you to sound off about a company you do not like or have had a poor experience with. However, keep it civil and on an adult level and there can be value in discussing problems. Please refrain from random bashing with no supporting data. Again, we are not here as a place for you to slander anyone. Thanks!

5: Advertising: Amended 4/18/15 Advertising of any type of company or buisness is for sponsors. This includes a member using a business name or a site name related to their business. Example: "Rifle Builder" If you want to draw attention to your business we welcome you to become a sponsor. If you want business for free from LRO we will ask you to change your name and not use your site name in an effort to attract free business. Hot Links: It is fine to recommend a company if you like, but put a link in you signature, or post a company ad and it will be deleted and a warning to follow. Only LRO sponsors are allowed to link to their own business, web pages, or web sites, company youtube channels or offer their phone numbers and contact info of any sort. This includes an owner or employee of a company telling about their business, showing product or any display of promotion. Sorry we have overhead too and can not give away what we work so hard for.

6: Religion: It is fine to post with regards to your faith or show your belief, but bad mouth someones faith and it will be deleted and a warning to follow. If you are an athiest, keep it at home, we don't want it here. No religious threads, thats not what this forum is about.

7: Free Classifieds: We at Long Range Only, assume no liability for anythng that goes wrong with any deal. Do your research before you send anyone money. If you do have a problem take it to the authorities. Company sales for advertising sponsors only. Keep it legal 100%. No links to auction sites.

8: No Hotlinks, Hyperlinks, Video links or Commercial sales.
We've had to ask several members to deactivate Hotlinks from their signature lines. This is only to keep things fair to our paid sponsors and we hope you understand.
If we see and active link to a commercial site on your signature we will delete the post, so please deactivate them. We also ask you to become a sponsor before you sell commercially.
We will also not allow multiple outgoing video links to one location.
LRO reserves the right to delete content and ban members that abuse these rules.

9: Negative posts toward a business or individual. Any negative, potential damaging or slanderous posts need admin approval. Unsupported posts that could be viewed as damaging to any company or individual are usually linked to drama, we choose to avoid to keep a friendly atmosphere. If you feel you have the need to inform or post these type posts here, simply ask for admin approval first. Admin reserve the right to allow or dis-allow these type posts. If this issue had already been covered , more of the same will serve little value and may be denied. Links to other sites where these type of post or scandals have ran their course, are not likely to be approved. First hand knowledge is the only info we seek. No He said / she said. Thank you.

NEW MEMBERS: Edited 2/17/2022 To all new members there is a waiting period and post count before you will be awarded private messaging privileges and the ability to post in the classifieds. With all the internet scams, this is for the protection of all. Please do not come here and try to buy things or sell things until you have earned full privileges. Thank you for your cooperation.

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