Idaho Fish and Game, commision meetings schedule........

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Nov 20, 2013
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Hey guys,
I'd like to post the public meetings schedule here, and encourage any of our Idaho members in these areas to try and make these meetings.

It's become very apparent, throughout social media, and now through some of these meetings that there are certain sportsman groups who wish to curb LRH, lumping it together with Technology and Drones......all of the justification for this being made up of myths, and one Organizations divisive efforts as of late with its "Fair chase" campaign.

It's time to get out in front of this mess, Commisioners make and set the policy for FandG. It's time that we help educate them at these meetings, to dispell the myths, their ears are being filled with.

For so long, we have more or less been a "mind our own buisness" type, with reluctance to get into ethics debates with folks because we get ethical shot for one may not be the same for another. I don't think we can do that anymore. We have to start talking with and educating
Those who are defining policy.

So if your in the areas where these meetings are being held, grab 6 or 8 of your freinds and show up if ya can.........its hard to dispell myths about LRH when we don't have any LRHunters at these meetings.......

Here's the link.......

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