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Nov 28, 2014
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Hey all...

Got this a while back.. decided I want to do a full custom with custom action.. specs on this bad boy are as followed..

Model 700 RR Prefix Action
- Single shot plate fitted to magazine well and spot-tigged into place
- PTG Oversized 1-piece bolt to fit trued-up raceway
- M16 Extractor
- 8-40 rail screws
- Nightforce steel base 20 MOA
- Standard Timney Trigger

Manners EH1
- began life as a short action single shot
- recoil lug relief for LA was added and the SA filled with Devcon
- SA action screw/pillar relief was filled with Devcon
- pillar bedded
- barrel channel is for a Proof Sendero
- ADL trigger guard
- 4" Pic rail

- Bartlein Sendero Contour
- 28"
- 10-twist
- MBM Beast brake
- "Do your part 3000" was engraved on the top of the barrel as a parody/inside joke
- Small rub mark from user error in scope ring selection
- 82 rounds

Fireform Barrel
- 30 cal 10-twist Rem 700 Sendero contour take-off barrel that was brand new
- 25" length with a Cooley brake
- 105 rounds

All metal was Cerakoted with a Tungsten/Black mix.

Also included
- 90 pieces of 2x fired brass (private headstamp 338 Lapua RWS brass)
- Custom Hornady Sizing Die
- Forster Bench-rest seater die

All metal work was done by Dave Young of Young's Gunsmithing in Sand Coulee, MT

I'll take 2000 for this hammer!!! Have lots of sales on rockslide...longrange hunting and snipers hide..

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