1000 yard group


Dec 12, 2016
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Well the stars sure seemed to align for me yesterday evening. I'll be the first to admit that I am just average at shooting and this is one of those groups that I will spend a very long while trying to duplicate. I am typically hard pressed to shoot much better than a half moa at any range. It was the culmination of a lot of luck, the right amount of caffeine, and perfect environmental conditions. This was actually my first try at 1000 with this particular load out of a gun I've only had a couple months. The load showed promise at 100 yards and I really only wanted to validate speed and vertical spread at distance. The gun I used was a trued up rem 700 action with a Krieger barrel chambered in 6slr that I had a good buddy of mine spin together. Wind was pretty steady at 5mph but nonetheless I still managed to miss my first shot (per usual). With a minor correction I landed shot number 2 on steel and shots 3 and 4 followed as soon as the plate had settled from the prior shot. I had 10 rounds loaded up but seeing what seemed to be a good group I thought it best to shoot those at a rock I have set up behind the plate. Group measured just a smidge over 2.75 inches and made me extremely thankful that I had painted my plate a couple days earlier. 056.jpg 054.jpg


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