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    Kahles K624i 6-24x56 – Dual Purpose Long Range Rifle Scope Review

    This thread is for the discussion of the review on the new Kahles K624i 6-24x56 – Dual Purpose Long Range Rifle Scope by "bruce_ventura".

    Discuss or ask the editor questions in this thread.

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    Such a good review. The technical aspects you are able to review with laboratory equipment that reduce reviewer bias is awesome. I sure like my Kahles and this review solidifies why.

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    I always learn something from you Bruce. So far I've learned I'm going to have to take this one in smaller bites, as to not choke on the info. Very good review that challenged my understanding all the way through. Thank You for putting in the time.

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    That's some review!
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    Thanks guys. The K624i is a damn fine scope. I struggled to find any flaws. It is totally reliable. Very few scopes would survive that scrutiny with such a good review.

    My goal is to raise the bar for optic reviews so that the gear heads among us will have something to bite into. I was concerned that the review would be too long. I realize it's a slow read. Feel free to pm your feedback - I want to strike a good balance between technical depth and readability.

    I rewrote the website this weekend. As I write more product reviews and publish them here, I'll put the background information on OpticsReports.

    I would like to collaborate on future reviews whenever possible. I can do the lab tests and pass the scope to someone else for the field test. Feel free to make requests for optic reviews. PM Jeff and me - Jeff will manage the interface with the manufacturers and reviewers.

    FYI, Kahles products will be on the HighPowerOptics website later this week. They'll be giving LRO members preferred pricing - pm me for details. HighPowerOptics will be getting more Kahles inventory as well.

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    We've been running and selling the Kahles scopes for almost 2 years now and they are indeed fine scopes. Very glad to see some other folks finding the same!
    R Bros Rifles

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    There is so much technical knowledge applied to these tests! What a great review, thank you.

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    Do I understand that the elevation adjustement is limited to 12 mils from the center off adjustements without distortion?
    If I use the scope with a 20 moa base will this add to the usable range in the scope?
    12 mils scope +8 mils from the base giving me a total off 20 minutes correct elevation
    Thank you for the review.

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    Awesome review. Really appreciated the techinal aspects.

    I really appreciate the honesty about the features you found as flaws or less than optimal. I agree with you that all scopes have certain compromises, and having those laid out so well is very valuable information.

    Thank you for your time and effort.

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    Great review!
    NRA/SCI Life Member

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