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    7mm T/CU Contender

    The other day i picked up a 14 inch 7 tcu barrel for my G2 contender it has open sights and i will use it as a handgun. We shot it at about 500 yards at an icy pond but didn't see it hit, but never put it on paper so have no idea where it was sighted.

    I was wondering how far i should ecpect to be successful with it on targets and groundhogs

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    A few months ago i was shooting the 7mm tc/u with 168 berger vlds at a 15 gallon bucket about 538 yards away and got several hits but only had 20 rounds so i ran out of ammo about the time i got it figured out

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    I've been wanting to pick up a set up just like this in 7/08 for backpacking but have just had other priorities. If you ever scope it let us know how it groups

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    I used to shoot IHMSA with my old Contender in 7TCU. 10" barrel in production class. I used 4895 and 140 to 150 bullets. It would put 5 under a nickel at 50 yds from modified creedmoor and iron sights. Lot of fun. Also shot an XP in 7br. Unlimited class. Never went to scoped category, couldn't afford it at the time. Guys then started shooting out to 500 meters. Might have to revisit these old guns. Thanks.

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