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    New Charlie TARAC | 300 MOA of Adjustment for $800

    We just released the Micro Charlie, a compact periscope that adds elevation to scopes via mirrors. We shift the target image higher so you aim higher = dope. The Micro 1/2 the price of the Macro and weighs 1/3 less. The Micro is a fixed unit capable of adding 0 – 40 MILs without changing rails, rings, cheek piece, or 100 yd zero. The Improved Micro (aka the IMOD) can be flipped to add or subtract elevation. Therefore, if your scope is on a +100 MOA rail, you could add the IMOD to -100 MOA and shoot 100 yards, remove it to be back at +100 MOA, or add the IMOD flipped to add another 100 MOA for a total of 200 MOA, and you still have the elevation in your scope. Anyone shooting 22LR?
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    They appear to have 2 versions of the micro. The IMOD version can attach to the scope but has no magnets. I was told this was done to save on weight.

    BTW - Not sure on this, but I also believe the IMOD scope attachment does not require specific adapters but it still requires a modified sunshade.
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    I use a CZ 455 22LR Trainer, 24" barrel and a Sig Tango 4 6-24x that has a Manners stock. I like to shoot at 200 yards and had to add a 20 moa rail to get dialed in within a good FOV still using the center of the reticle. I don't like to crank the turrets to the max as tracking can be off and unrepeatable. This Micro Charlie would be good for extending range to 300+ with precision instead of hold overs and or maxing out the turrets. I appreciate the innovation and RND that is involved with such an instrument. I also think that the structured barrels are cool, pun intended.

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    Just ordered the micro Charlie IMOD and received more info on the interface mounting options.

    The IMOD can be set up to use a pic rail mount on a tactical chassis and as such can be swapped from rifle to rifle that also uses a pic rail. However, once it is configured for a rail mount it can not be used as a scope mount. The scope mount option has to be set up to use a dedicated sunshade and the interface on the Charlie is specific to that scope/sunshade. If you already have a MACRO Charlie sunshade adapter you will not need to purchase another for the IMOD but it will be a little heavier due to the magnet interface for the MACRO is not used for IMOD.

    The MACRO Charlie can be configured to use both the pic rail or the scope mount at any time but of course it is heavier....

    What I'd like to see tacomHQ come up with is a couple common generic 56/50 mm objective sunshades with enough meat on the objective end of the shade so they can be machined in-house for the specific brand/make obj size and threads for the scope you are using. This way the Charlie will no longer be a oneway trip to a dedicated scope and have much more flexibility for both competition shooters and military. Run your Charlie on an ATACR and switch sunshades for use on a S&B, Kahles or the big Leupold Mark 5 or 8....
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