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Thread: African Long Range Hunters Apparel

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    African Long Range Hunters Apparel

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to share with you some pics of African Long Range Hunters new apparel. Basically, African Long Range Hunters was started by me as a internet forum community for long range hunting in Southern Africa, but things are progressing quickly and it seems that we might even become an association soon that will be recognized on government level. It's actually a long, boring story, so let me rather entertain you with pics of our new gear. Each member can specify his name and cartridges of choice. What do you guys think?

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    I'm leaving for South Africa on the 20th to do some LR plains game hunting with ESP safari's.

    There are few problems that can't be solved with the proper elevation & windage.

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    Shawn, I hope you really enjoy it and look forward to hearing of your experience here. Will it be your first time to SA? If you ever plan on coming this way again, I know a load of guys here that will give an arm and a leg for attending one of your long range classes. I'll be first in line for sure!

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    I received my South Africa long range shirt and hat in SA form Ludwig himself at the airport, that is service! Great to meet you guys, sorry I didn't have more time to visit. I can't say enough about the long range possibilities there. I should have some video clips up soon.

    There are few problems that can't be solved with the proper elevation & windage.

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    Hi Shawn! Glad to hear you are back home in one piece Looking very much forward to see the video clips and hear of your experience over here. It was really great to meet you. Did the shirt at least fit you? When I saw you at the airport, I thought, Man, should have gone with the larger size! We are in talks with a few game farms where we can organize one of your LR Classes. As soon as I have more details I will contact you. Did you get to take a few trophy pics with your ARLH shirt and cap?

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    Sorry to say I didn't, the days I wore it thinking today we will get a whatever and I'll get a photo with it just didn't seem to pan out, Dan did the shooting or we were unsuccessful. I did however get some great elevated shooting pictures etc with it and will send those to you.

    There are few problems that can't be solved with the proper elevation & windage.

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    Hahaha, yes, that the nature of the hunting field. Any pictures will be much appreciated, thank Shawn. And congrats again on that kudu of yours. We were discussing the trophy on the ALRH forum just now, and the guys recon that the growth and the turn of the horns mean that that bull could possibly even have reached 65" in a few years time. Nevertheless, it's a beautifull kudu trophy. My biggest to date is a 50" bull. Still hoping for a 60" maybe someday.

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