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    For those using MILS, itís even easier to use a fast wind formulas with G7 BCís in the .3 range, and velocities of 2700-3000FPS, Using your Ballistic calculator (with confirmed drops) off, determine the FV wind speed that will give you a 1 MIL hold at 1000 yards. Be sure to turn off spin drift At ranges less then 1000 yards, the MIL hold in tenths will be equal to the actual yardage.

    This formula with a 6 MPH FV Wind, works quite well(within .1 MIL) for both my 6.5x47 at .287BC/2890FPS, and my 6,5x284 at.313BC/2995FPS)
    At 1000 yards my 6MPH correction is 1 MIL, at 900 yards .9MIL, iat 800 yards is .8MIL..........100 yards is .1MIL. Once this 6MPH distance setting is determined, itís easy enough to cut the setting in half for a 3mph wind , or double it for a 12mph wind( ie. 1MIL at 500 yards).

    i have had excellent success using this formula in competition with my MIL based PRS rifle. Itís fast and easy.

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    One of the reasons the MIL wind method you described is so easy to use, is that it assigns a "basic wind" to your gun. In the MIL method, it is whatever wind pushes your bullet 1 MIL at 1000 yards. This breaks down to 0.1 MIL per 100 yards, as we have said.

    We are essentially multiplying the yard line by 0.1....( 800 yards is 8 x 0.1= 0.8). So we set the angle, and adjust the wind to match. The wind then is our constant.

    By applying the same methodology to MOA, we might find the wind that moves our bullet 3MOA (yard line x 0.3) or 5MOA (yardline x 0.5) or 10MOA (yardline x 1).

    For something like a 6.5 Creedmore the "basic wind" for the 3MOA would be a 6mph wind.....for the 5MOA, a 9mph basic wind....for the 10MOA, an 18mph basic wind.

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