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    New 6br 1000 yard Fclass

    I posted a picture of the electronic target the other day but they just released it online. This was the smallest group fired all day by a significant margin. My group measured 6.9 inches for 20 rounds the next smallest was 11 something. This is the second smallest group ever fired at 1000 yard at this range. The smallest came in at 6.6 inches and was shot by a full blown Fopen 6.5x284 rifle off a front rest. My rifle is a tactical set up geared more towards PRS style matches and was shot from a folding bipod and rear squeeze bag.

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    Very impressive! Great shooting...!

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    Thank you, very impressed with this rifle

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    What was your score? Good shooting for sure. Let us know how it holds up in the wind. should have put a couple clicks on up and maybe one right

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    That is awesome shooting. Congrats!!


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    Wow. Thatís amazing great shooting!

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    Score was 196 4x itís at the bottom of that page under the target. When I shoot Fclass I shoot FPR which has to be mag feed, shot from a folding bipod and rear squeeze bag (basically a tactical field rifle). The rifle is my PRS rifle and has a MIL 5-25 ATACR on it so one or two clicks either way would have just had me bouncing just as far out the other direction. This was last July and am on my second BR now and it handles the wind pretty good slightly more drift than my 6.5x47 at 1000 and slightly less that he 6.5 at 600. If I were strictly shooting Fclass and wanted to stay with a small 6mm the dasher would have a slight advantage, but for PRS I donít really see the advantage in the dasher.

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