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    1000 yards or better needed for PRS type training

    In desperate need for up to 1000 and more yards on private land and a like minded shooter to grow with, North Carolina or Va preferred, but let me know of possibilities in other states. Want to do PRS style training without a match or even a stopwatch.

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    Just as I was ready to give up, I found more than I was looking for. Don't give up.

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    What have you found? I am in the Fredericksburg area and have heard of Peacemaker in WV and Richmond Raceway, but have been to neither.

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    Same here, I'm in Windsor looking for 500 meters plus range. Thanks, Doc

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    I have found two private 1 mile ranges lately after serious looking. I am about 3 times removed to get the opportunity so am unable to take others. If I could, it wouldn't be private, would it? It has been almost a full time search and following leads that might seem remote at the time.

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