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    Target Practice - PNTC 500 Yard Shoot w/RPR 6.5mm Creedmoor

    If you are really board and have 8 minutes to spare, I blended a few clips together of my son Nick and I doing some target practice yesterday. We went to Peacemaker National Training Center yesterday. We were shooting my RPR 6.5mm at a 3" target from 500 yards away. What a great time. I'm having a great time learning!

    This was the first time shooting past 350 yards known distance, and a practice session before moving to the 1,000 yard on Wednesday.

    10 mph sustained wind with 25+ mph gusts.

    PNTC 500 Yard Shoot RPR 6.5mm Creedmoor - YouTube

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    Hitting a 3" target at 500 yards is no easy task, so good work. From watching, I'd say you need to work on learning to read the wind better while aiming. Listen to the wind, feel the wind on your skin, look at the grass and trees. You have a hold set for one wind, wait to break the shot off in that wind. A few of your shots were taken during much higher winds causing misses to the right. Watch the last 3 minutes of your video, you'll see the grass whipping harder when you break the shot.

    I'm not an expert, but just pointing out what I see hoping I can help another shooter improve a bit.

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    @NorCal_In_AZ, that's great feedback! I appreciate the tips!

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    I watched about 1/2 the video and got a call. I think the shooter was doing a good job. I don't want to pick , but in a manner of possible suggestions, I watched one shot go high and the shooter was surprised. I cant see for sure, but it appears the rear of the rifle may have only been supported by a hand. Even though the 6.5 CM is a low recoil round, lack of support under the rear of the stock can allow the stock to slightly drop at first of the recoil cycle. This can send shots high. I always strive for a solid bag compressed under the rear of the stock. Keep up the good work and keep sharing the results, this is great for us all to learn.


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    @Broz, thanks Jeff. I appreciate it.

    That is my son. He is learning along with me. I found out he put the rear bag in his lap because he thought it wasn't helping. I didn't realize he was doing that at first. After the cameras were off... I actually spotted it and got him using it. His shot placement got a lot better once I showed him about shaping the bag and using it for support.

    We both have a long way to go... but very happy to have started and glad I found your forum. I think guidance from the members he has been, and will continue to be an excellent asset.
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