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    Ivey adjustable scope mount

    I have been looking at adjustable scope mounting systems. There are a few around with some having very mixed reviews. The one that I am most interested in given a Charlie TARAC is way outside my budget is the one piece Ivey in Mils. Finding out where these can be purchased is turning out to be a mission. Their website seems to be down. Are they still being sold? Any info and user feedback would be great.
    Thanks Jeremy

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    Finding someone who has one of these is not easy. Its a big investment to make without any owner feedback.

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    I assume you seen our review? Ivey Scope Base

    I still have mine but decided to go with the Charlie Tarac. Not because the Ivey had issues, because I preferred the Charlie design.


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    Thanks Broz yes I have watched the video. I was interested in actual use in the field vs the unit in a vice. What were the real world application pros and cons. I would love a Charlie Tarac but financially it is not possible.

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    I just ordered an Ivey. I like the idea of keeping the reticle centered and making same adjustments with the scope. Once I get it I will do a tall target test to about 100 moa and post the results. I hope its as good as I hope.

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