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    Another 215 Berger 1 shot kill and new personal best

    Headed out Saturday morning to fill a couple of Wyoming doe speed goat tags for some freezer vitals. It was an absolutely gorgeous day with no wind at all at sunrise. Shortly after sunup I found a single doe all by herself bedded on a hillside. Figuring she must be injured I decided we needed to put her down. By the time I got setup she was on her feet feeding and walking away. I finally got a quartering away shot at 724, dialed up 11.5 MOA and sent it. Perfect hit right behind the shoulder. She walked about 15 feet and flopped. Got that one taken care of and into the cooler and 20 minutes later found another single with a broken hind leg. Decided to put that one down too. I had been shot through the lower hind quarter on one side. That quarter was no good but the rest of it was fine.
    Later that day I was skinning out the heads at home to do some euro work and I found that the one that had been shot in the hind quarter had also been shot right through the nasal cavity just in front of the eye sockets. I can only think that this poor gal was suffering due to idiots shooting at a herd of them running. Can't imagine any other reason to get hit in the head and hind quarter. Unfortunately that happens far too often in antelope country of Wyoming.

    Anyhow, I felt good about putting that one down before the coyotes found her.

    2 more kills for the 215 Berger for me. In the last 5 years I've only ever had to shoot one critter more than once and that was my bull this year. As it turned out the second shot wasn't necessary but when they're in dark timber and still on their feet I don't wait for them to fall over. It's performed flawlessly for me from 115 yards to over 700 now on Antelope and Elk. Complete passthroughs every single time. Nothing has run more than 50 yards after being shot with this bullet. That one was a cow I shot at 485 yards through the heart. When hit through the lungs they don't go as far.

    725 yard Wyoming Speed Goat.jpg

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    "Everything has a cost. Not everything has a benefit. If it doesn't have a benefit. It only has a cost"

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    Thanks buddy...

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    Very nice!!!!

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