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    Lucas McCain turns a Single Action into a Rifle

    I was talking to one of my wonderful nurses about the Rifleman and she remembered the episode where Lucas McCain is separated from his rifle and uses a board and a stick to give him a longer sight radius and steadier hold to snipe the bad guy from long range with a single action revolver! My TV has the episodes available, but none of the descriptions match this one. Does anyone remember the episode?


    Oh and when I was younger I cleaned house for Johnny Crawford (once) in Tucson. (I think he was doing a John Wayne movie at the time.) Attached a pic of Lucas McCain, I'm still waiting for you to come and rescue me! riflemandeathneverridescleefconnorsfix-94847039.jpg

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    Yes. It's on youtube, I watched it within the last year. I just looked, and it didn't jump out which show has it, and the other choice of watching them all again has both appeal and limits.

    Johnny Crawford shows up briefly in El Dorado-John Wayne shoots him fairly early on.

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    Yes, I have no problem watching them again! Ah, yes El Dorado was filmed at Old Tucson and at Kanab. Mr. Crawford was a really quite guy. Thanks!

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