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    GRS Rifle Stocks

    I am interested to put my Howa (6.5 Creedmoor with a 24 bull barrel) in a new stock for long range shooting - I want to get to 1200m. I like the look of the GRS Warg, GRS Bifrost or GRS Hybrid.

    If you are currently using one of these, or have experience with any of these ones, what is your opinion? Good quality? Happy with the performance? Any advice on the different GRS models that is better suited?


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    I currently use 2 grs sporter stocks and 1 grs berserk stock. they all fill the role perfectly. I really like the ergonomics of the stocks, and the adjustability is excellent for a perfect fit. I have a 223 tikka in the berserk, a 2506 in one sporter and a tikka t1x 22lr in the other sporter. I've shot the sporter stocked 2506 out to over 1000, and didn't feel like I was missing anything. I'd add pillars and bed the stock for the best consistency, but all my rifles shoot well without bedding to this point.
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