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    M70 factory "bedding" problem

    I use the term bedding very loosely. The goo that is injected into the recoil lug area is some kind of rubberized silicone and I'm sure it is fast and inexpensive to use but this is the second failure I've experienced. The first m70 I bought brand new and it failed in 2or 3 years. The second was this past hunting season. These were both mid 90s manufacture. The goo breaks down and allows the barrel to contact the stock and that's when everything goes bad. From shooting to not happens fairly quickly. I was able to bed the first one in the plastic stock but I'm going to replace this one with something else.
    Hope this helps someone struggling with their m7020190122_083904-2016x1512.jpg20190122_083916-1512x2016.jpg20190122_084002-2016x1512.jpg

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    I dremeled all the glass resin out of my m70 supergrade stock and pillar bedded the front action screw. Ive still got to do the rear this winter.

    I've got a mcmillan fiberglass supergrade stock on order right now. I ordered it with pillars installed and magnum fill. 5 month wait

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