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    Quote Originally Posted by Pony30 View Post
    Do you think the 5/16 thread makes a real difference vs 3/4? i ask because my smith recommends 3/4 but the CA break is only available in 5/16. Am I really giving anything up or risking accuracy by going 5/16 with the CA Titanium break? TY!

    What caliber are you going to put it on? I know some smiths don't like 5/8" thread on .338's but I have never heard of any complaints in smaller than .338 cals

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    30 caliber (30 Nosler) - I know most seem to go with 5/8 in 30 cal. I go back back and discuss. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuego Juevo View Post
    I was able to shoot yesterday and slow mo video the barrel rise. I tried all the combos with removing the top screws. Your suggestion of 2&4 are the best combo. Posted this on Instagram. 1&4 and 2&3 were too much. Thanks again
    Did you try it with the 1 and 3 screws removed as well? I just got a 6.5-284 Ridgeline and will be putting the slayer brake on it, so I'm interested.

    After re-reading the thread, I guess if 1 & 4 are too much then probably 1 and 3 would be too much also?
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    Hey Jeff what plugs did you remove with your 30 nos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmmdcampbell View Post
    Hey Jeff what plugs did you remove with your 30 nos?
    From the shooter, port # 1 and port #2

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