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    Any help would be grateful

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    You're cutting an extra .187" of lead, not .04"-.06". That being said, the .187 allows you to put the boat tail junction of the 215 right at the neck shoulder junction. The 215 has a very short baring surface, so many other bullets will also be able to seat out far enough to reach the lands. Barrel life will still be good, as you still have some room to chase the lands. If you were to burn .187" of lands away on a saami reamed chamber, I doubt it would still be accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broz View Post
    Many of the powders for a 300 win mag are close to 100% case fill at max. So case capacity becomes valuable. By moving the bullet / Lands forward you pull the bullet boat tail and some of the baring surface out of the powder capacity area. Takes up more mag box length, but leaves more room for powder.
    Using this reamer will it feed in a factory 700 mag box with the 215's? (gun used to be a RUM)

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    If you read the article on the 1st page it gives you a bunch of info. Overall length is around 3.74"

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    I just built a 300 Win Mag based on this exact reamer. JGS Precision built it for me. The reamer is currently with Jon Beanland at Beanland Custom Rifles. He is well respected and immediately likeable as he builds all his rifles himself and answers his own phone. You can google him.

    Bighorn TL3 Long Action
    Benchmark Barrel 28” MTU 1:9.5 twist
    Trigger Tech Special @ 1.5 lbs
    XLR Envy Chassis feeding Accurate Mag CIP length magazines 3.85”.
    APA Fat Bastard brake

    just got it. No testing yet.

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    After a little deliberating, a couple of chats with Broz and couple other people, I took the plunge and used a rented RM reamer on a new Pac-Nor barrel, chambered in .300WinMag. It turned out really good. Running the 215gn Hybrid's out to approximately 3.740"-ish. Loading 75.0gn of RL-26 and getting 3000fps with a 28", 1-9t barrel. Wow!
    Shot it out to 1100yds yesterday and it definitely holding under MOA, with most groups between 500-1000 running around 2-3"!

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