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Thread: 6.5 PRC loads

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    6.5 PRC loads

    Am new to the site, have been shooting LR for several years. Just bought a Sauer pantera in 6.5 prc. I'm looking for some suggestions on different loads. I've been loading 6.5 CM with good success, now want to step up to big brother.

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    139-143 gr bullet
    H1000, start at 55-56 gr and work up
    .010 off of lands
    Should end up around 3000 FPS

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    Interested in this. Been shooting the factory 147 s with great success. Looking forward to new brass offerings and making a some homegrown PRC.

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    I've had great success with RL26 with 143s and 147s. My Ridgeline stacks 147s together at 200 yards with 55.7 grains of RL26 with a Fed210M loaded in Hornady brass. It's going 2975 fps from a 24" bbl.

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    I did some more development with the PRC today. I worked with 140 Elite Hybrids with RL26, Hornady brass, and Fed 210M primers.

    When seated with the boat tail aligned with the neck junction, the 140 is about .070" off the lands. So, I loaded a few at .070" off the lands, ~2.970" OAL, and proceeded to stack five of them into a 1/2 MOA cluster at 56.8 grains of RL26. I loaded a few more to shoot across the magnetospeed tomorrow and to group at the 600 yard steel to see how the combination holds up.
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    It seems the PRC is a very easy to tune cartridge. I am looking forward to doing some load development on one of mine.

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