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Thread: 6.5 PRC loads

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    I tested the 140 Hybrid load again today to determine the difference in velocity over 10 shots with a 6 grain case weight variance from 216-222 grains. It turns out that case weight variance had no discernable effect on the velocity. The velocity ES isn't single digit anymore, but over the last few rounds and some load tweaks I've got the 140s averaging 3055 fps with ES from 3046-3061 for 10 rounds across 6 grains of case weight variance. I'd say it's acceptable.

    Very good info. I found this to be the case with the Creedmoor as well.

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    Tagging in as my gunsmith is building me one now to play with, using SAAMI reamer on a Kimber 8400 WSM action. Mag box will allow 3.00” OAL

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