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    Hybrid Broadheads

    Need opinions, I want to try a hybrid style broadhead this year.Among the grave diggers,grim harvest and Muzzy HB what do y’all suggest? I love the way Muzzy unfolds in the back, but I do not know anything about any of them.
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    Tagging in. I don't have much experience with the hybrids. Been using Slick Trick magnums with good results.

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    I'm a Rage guy, myself. I use the hypodermic +P. Hunt big Illinois bucks every year, all have fell within sight.

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    I've shot several animals with 28/65-70lbs and the 100 grain hybrids. The Grave Digger is a very fine head. It flies really well and gets good penetration. Complete pass thru's on 350lb bucks. The Muzzy HB is a very nice head as well. It flies really well. I've tested both heads out to 100 yards with excellent results. I have only shot some smaller 150-200lb whitetail bucks with the HB's, but they make 2 holes and leave good blood trails.

    The only drawback to the HB is removing it from a foam target. The expandable blades stay open when you are trying to remove them from the target. That basically will destroy a layered foam target quickly.

    *My experience with both heads is only on whitetail and muley bucks. I can't speak to how they would do on bigger critters.

    My favorite expandable broadhead is the NAP Spitfire Maxx. Best blood trails I've ever seen. I've never been much of a Rage fan because their blades won't stay put while spot and stalking. They may have fixed that for this year though.

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    Grim Reaper also has a great hybrid broadhead. This broadhead will not lock open.

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